How I support you

As a statistician, I know how to create and communicate data. Yet, I provide much more than the usual statistician.

Instead of telling you “That’s not possible!”, I’ll show you your data opportunities and how you can seize them in a pragmatic way beyond clinical trials using RWE and literature data.

While many statisticians focus on tables, I help you visualize your data effectively to create a wow effect for your internal and external stakeholders.

The typical development statistician doesn’t know how a great strategic evidence plan, a strategic publication or communications plan looks like. I will optimize these plans for you to effectively position your compound for commercial success.

Statisticians reporting into R&D are usually not incentivized to help beyond regulatory approval. I know the challenges of working with payers, KOLs, advocacy groups in addition to the internal constraints of medical affairs and commercial organizations. I help your organization to confidently speak about complex data and to make sound data driven decisions.

Who am I?

I’m a PhD statistician and medical affairs professional.

During my career from a study statistician to an Executive Vice President of Launch and Commercialization Data Sciences I collected experience across all phases of development at companies such as UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Lilly.

I’ve built international teams supporting launch and commercialization at 3 different companies covering many therapeutic areas, including dermatology, rheumatology, respiratory, cardiovascular, psychiatry, neuroscience, virology, and others.

I’ve authored 70+ scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and regularly speaks at international conferences both as contributed and invited speakers.

My weekly podcast “The Effective Statistician” is downloaded about 1000 times each week, leading to 150k downloads of the more than 250 episodes.

Over 350 statisticians and data scientists have participated in the leadership program I created together with Gary Sullivan to learn how to communicate effectively and become more influential.


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“Alexander and I worked together at Eli Lilly and Company supporting the launch of an immunology drug. I was responsible for publication strategy and planning and he was the lead statistician supporting the work of medical affairs. I have very fond memories of our time working together because Alexander was a brilliant statistician but also an extremely effective communicator, especially for the non-statistician! He was a generous collaborator, always willing to share his knowledge, time and talent, and he was a gracious colleague, never seeking center stage or accolades for his accomplishments. His focus was always on the work and the team, not himself. I can honestly say that I learned to be a better collaborator from working with Alexander and following his example. I also learned to be a better supervisor by watching him effectively and quietly redirect the spotlight to those who most needed it. Finally, Alexander was fun! I always enjoyed seeing him at conferences, sharing a good meal with a nice glass of wine or good beer after a long day. Alexander is exactly the kind of colleague you want — brilliant, innovative, gracious, generous and fun. I highly recommend him for any position lucky enough to have him.”

Diane Stothard, Sr Director – Publication Strategy and Execution at Eli Lilly and Company

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“I had the pleasure to work together with Alexander for almost 14 years on multiple projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Alexander has not only a profound technical experience as statistician. His innovative mindset and his high intellectual capacity paired with a genuine interest in grasping new knowledge have been instrumental to overcome obstacles and to achieve common goals in a very successful way. Alexander was widely recognized for the quality of his work, internally and externally, not only for his scientific rigor, but also for his talent to partner successfully with external experts when using innovative approaches to better visualize clinical data aiming to make them easier to understand and thereby to show the value they can bring. I have always enjoyed working with Alexander and I wish him all the best on his journey.”

Dr. med. Stefan Wilhelm, Dr Associate Vice President – Medical, Eli LillyAssociate Vice President-Medical, Eli Lilly

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“Alexander and I worked together at Eli Lilly. He supported our HTA team as statistician in various access critical activities as Network Meta-Analyses, Economic modelling and Real World Evidence development. I always admired his drive, positive presence and can-do attitude. He paired knowledge & scientific rigor with elegant solutions and creativity. Since he had a well versed HTA understanding, his approaches were guided by what customer needed rather than internally focussed process satisfaction. Beyond that he was a good friend and team player. I can full heartedly recommend Alexander as an expert in biostatistics in support of HTA.”

Michael Happich, Sr Director HTA, International Markets – Eli Lilly and Company

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“Alexander has an amazing ability to use data to generate important insights that can really impact product development that translate into improved patient outcomes. He is able to engage and communicate with key thought leaders and to build effective collaborations”

Andrew Hotchkiss, Chief Executive Officer – Draupnir Bio

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